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Green Giving

title=”nailpolish” rel=”lightbox[pics16014]” href=”/files/2008/12/nailpolish.jpg”>nailpolishEco-Friendly make-up is a perfect gift for the diva on your list. Honey Bee Gardens offers all-natural personal care products and does not test on animals. Available products include all-natural mascara, lip stick, glosses, and powders. The nail polishes are water based and odorless, and are available in 21 colors.

Recyclable USB Drive ($20-$100)

earthdriveGive the student or tech lover on your list a recyclable USB drive. Touted as “the world’s first recyclable USB Drive,” the EarthDrive is designed and built using biodegradable materials, making it a fully recyclable product, according to the maker’s Website. The device’s manufacturing includes biodegradable polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn.

Vers Sound System ($179 and up)

vers1Vers sustainable wood sound systems are functional, stylish, and eco-friendly. Made of eucalyptus and pine wood, these iPod docks are also energy efficient. Systems come in various natural styles including cherry wood, dark walnut, and bamboo. Even the paper used in packaging the units is recycled, and nearly all of the internal plastic packaging, bags and other wrapping have either been replaced with post-consumer paper or eliminated.

Home Soda Maker ($99)

sodafountainMaking soft drinks at home is effortless with Soda Stream, a home soda maker that produces soda and seltzer water. Requiring no batteries or electricity, the Soda Stream will turn water into soda in thirty seconds. Reusable bottles make this fun product eco-friendly by reducing the number of store-bought cans and bottles. Soda Stream offers 25 regular, diet and caffeine-free flavors to enjoy.

Staple Free Stapler ($9.95)

stapler_edited-1Help your co-worker go green with a staple-free stapler. This device uses strips of paper to stitch papers together. Available in an array of colors, you’ll never have to worry about running out of staples– or better yet removing them– again.

Phillips Eco TV ($1,299)

tvAn Earth-friendly television would make the perfect gift for the electronic enthusiasts or football fans on your holiday list. Phillips’ Eco TV, a 42 inch, flat-panel LCD, includes 1080p resolution and a concealed sound system. Not only is the television energy efficient, its components are lead free.

Water Powered Clock ($24.95)


Forget about batteries–a water powered clock is a green way to keep track of time. This clock, which also has a timer, thermometer, and alarm, only requires water refills every two to three months. It will save you from the purchase and wasteful disposal of dry cell batteries, and you’ll be able to remember to water your plants … and your clock.