Green Giving

Green Giving

With the holiday season quickly approaching, gift shopping for your family, friends, and co-workers might be on your mind. It might seem unimaginable to find eco-friendly gifts that are both enjoyable and sustainable, but look no further.

Here are 15 green gifts that are sure to be a hit:

Green Starter Kit ($65.00)

For the eco-friendly novice, this assortment of eco-friendly products is a good introduction to the world of green. This starter kit includes energy-efficient light bulbs, a low-flow shower head to cut your water usage by 20%, and grapefruit essential oils for household cleaning. Also included is fair trade coffee, organic tea, and tea-tree oil soap. In addition, this kit comes with The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living (Alpha 2007) by Trish Riley.

Earth-friendly Snowboard ($60 and up)

If outdoor adventure is your thrill, give eco-friendly snowboards by Arbor a try. Not only are these snowboards made of natural elements, the company donates a portion of its profits to various organizations working to protect the planet. In addition, all printed materials are done on recycled paper. ARBOR also makes apparel and skateboards.

Eco-Friendly Toys ($10-$100)

It’s never too early to go green. Eco-Friendly toys for children can serve as an introduction to a green lifestyle, as well as a healthy dose of fun. Green Toys Inc. creates toys from recycled milk containers. Parents don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals, as Green Toys products contain no external coatings, including lead. In addition, packaging for Green Toys products is 100% recyclable. Toys R Us also carries eco-friendly toys from several companies.

Organic Champagne and Wine (Prices Vary)

The holiday season is full of parties and gatherings. Try bringing a bottle of organic champagne or sparkling wine to your next event. Diamond Organics offers a variety of wines, champagne, beer, and sake that are all natural. Eco-Express also has a selection of foreign all-natural champagnes.

Jewelry (Prices Vary)

For the family member who loves baubles, conflict-free diamonds and sustainable jewelry are an excellent choice. In addition to diamonds, GreenKarat offers jewelry made of recycled gold. Custom-designed pieces are available as a unique gift for your loved one. Lucina Jewelry creates handmade bracelets, earrings, and necklaces made with conflict free gems.

Solar Computer Charger ($262-$390)

Great for techies or business professionals on the go, a solar computer charger is a great way to ensure your laptop doesn’t lose power. No more searching for outlets– just look for the sun! Created by Sierra Solar Systems, this charger will work for Macintosh and portable PCs.

All-Natural Beauty Products (Prices Vary)