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Health In Her HUE Raises $3 Million To Expand Healthcare Platform For Women Of Color

Health in Her HUE aims to improve healthcare outcomes for women of color by connecting them with culturally competent providers.

The women’s health startup Health in Her HUE announced a $3 million seed funding round on Jan. 8, led by venture capital firm Seae Ventures.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Ashlee Wisdom, Health in Her HUE aims to improve healthcare outcomes for women of color by connecting them with culturally competent providers and educational resources tailored to their needs, Tech Crunch reported.

This funding comes at a critical moment, as women of color continue to face barriers to quality care rooted in discrimination. As Wisdom told the site, “Modern medicine is permeated with myths like Black people feel less pain compared to white patients or that Black skin is thicker than white skin.”

By addressing these disparities head-on, Health in Her HUE seeks to rebuild trust between women of color and the healthcare system.

The company plans major expansions to its platform and programs with its new capital. This includes growing its Care Squad service, which offers customized health education classes, and adding new topic areas like fertility, endometriosis, and postpartum care. Health in Her HUE will also launch a video question-and-answer product enabling users to get expert advice on their health questions.

Wisdom said fundraising was “undeniably challenging,” especially amid 2022’s economic downturn. But she stayed focused on both bringing in funding and generating revenue sustainably. Seae Ventures has supported Wisdom’s company since its 2021 pre-seed round.

Additional investors in this oversubscribed round include Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, HBCU Founders Fund, Stanford Impact Fund, and Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Labs, Tech Crunch noted. To date, Health in Her HUE has raised $4.2 million.

Going forward, Wisdom hopes to expand the company’s reach and improve customer retention by enhancing the member experience. As she told TechCrunch, “I want to ensure that more women of color and individuals can benefit from the valuable offerings we provide.”

The digital health field is booming, and Health in Her HUE joins the few companies specifically targeting minority women.

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