Meet The Sisters Who Are Changing The Lives Of Women With Breast Cancer Nationwide

Meet The Sisters Who Are Changing The Lives Of Women With Breast Cancer Nationwide

Sisters Alicia and Esther Tambe are changing the lives of Black women in the United States with their non-profit organization Fight Through Flights.

Sisters Alicia and Esther Tambe are changing the lives of Black women in the United States with their nonprofit organization Fight Through Flights. With this project they help Black women diagnosed with breast cancer travel the world with their loved ones as they embark on their healing journey, Travel Noire reports.

Breast cancer has decimated the Black community at a rapid rate for years, with Black women having a 40 percent higher chance of dying compared to white women, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And it doesn’t begin and end with diagnosis and treatment—a reality that the Tambe sisters are all too familiar with after losing their sister, Maria, and a cousin to the disease. “It really shook up our family,” they said. “It also opened our eyes to this silent killer in our community. We didn’t realize just how much breast cancer impacted Black women.”

Those suffering from breast cancer often have their way of life compromised, which limits their ability to live to the fullest. This reality and their personal experience are what prompted the Tambe sisters to establish Fight Through Flights. 

“Traveling the world helped us create our family memories together, but it also provided the support Maria needed after she was diagnosed with breast cancer,” the website reads.

“Travel has helped us cope, recharge, and simply treasure life as we know it. We hope these free retreats and travel experiences can help our Black sisters reclaim a piece of themselves that has been stripped away.”

Since its inception in 2020, Fight Through Flights has made an impact across 25 states and partnered with over 75 organizations and businesses worldwide—and it has no plans of slowing down. 

Fight Through Flights offers several programs, each designed to assist Black women on their emotional journey. The “Self-Care Series” provides wellness passes so that participants can de-stress and recover in peace. “Wellness is such a huge part of treatment,” they told Travel Noire. “Your mind and spirit have to be right to fight.” 

If a woman is feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life, she can escape for one night with the “Room to Breathe” program, which allows women to stay at a hotel of their choice for free. The third program, “A Family Affair: Leadership Retreat,” is an exclusive opportunity for Black women who lead breast cancer organizations to mobilize and share existing ideas.  

“Road Trip Recovery” offers a two- to three-day solo retreat at a hotel, cabin, or even home rental, as well as limited access to Black medical professionals, including registered dietitians, therapists, and personal trainers. Despite it being solo travel, attendees can choose to bring a companion or caregiver if they wish.

Lastly, Fight Through Flights offers a “Staycation Serenity” package. If someone doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their own home, the luxuries can come to them. Participants can curate their own fine dining experience at home or choose to wind down with a paint session. 

Fight Through Flights is expanding as well. A new program called “Road Trip to Recovery 2.0” allows women to travel the domestic United States in the organization’s 28-ft RV while enjoying wellness and travel experiences. Through all their offerings, the Tambe sisters aim to provide a life-changing healing experience.

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