Health Institute Launches Diabetes Campaign

Health Institute Launches Diabetes Campaign

What was your motivation to launch the campaign?

Love for my patients and for the black community as a whole has motivated me to dedicate my medical practice and media production efforts to address this problem head on. It is unconscionable to simply turn a blind eye to those suffering with a condition that is totally preventable.

Tell us more about the campaign and the TV program?

The first part of our TV campaign includes a documentary film which address why we do not need to look to government, the pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturers or anyone else to ‘cure’ Type 2 diabetes. We will explain how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, reversed and even cured by taking personal responsibility and control for how we live, eat, and move.

The second part of the TV campaign includes a one-hour reality TV series where me and my “total wellness transformation team” coach a family from “unhealthy” to “healthy.”

How can others become involved?

[People can visit], a secure, privacy-protected membership-based site which serves as an online wellness empowerment portal and virtual home where members gain immediate access to expert advice, real-life solutions, and motivating insights on how to become “Transformation Agents.”

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