‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: Hingeto Founder Talks Partnership with Marshawn Lynch

‘BE THE CODE’ PODCAST: Hingeto Founder Talks Partnership with Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch
Founder of HingeTo, Leandrew Robinson (Image: file)

“BE The Code” is Black Enterprise’s new podcast spotlighting the most influential and innovative blacks in technology, from celebrities to financiers, and how they are reshaping the industry with their unique perspectives. This podcast is hosted by Sequoia Blodgett, a millennial entrepreneur and former cast member of the 2015 ABC Family reality series Startup U. Join Blodgett as she chats with black tech game-changers, as they take us on their journeys to successes—and sometimes failures—and offer winning strategies. Because if we don’t spotlight them, who will? 

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“BE THE CODE” PODCAST EPISODE 4: Leandrew Robinson  

Summary: In this episode, we speak with Leandrew Robinson, founder of Hingeto, a company that partners with athletes to help them build their brands through retail and merchandising. In our conversation, he chatted about his partnership with business partner Marshawn Lynch and his path to eCommerce success. Robinson’s platform is also known for producing the Malcolm X line spearheaded by the iconic activist’s daughters, Qubilah ShabazzIlyasah ShabazzAttallah ShabazzMalikah ShabazzMalaak Shabazz, and Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz.

Notable Quote: “[Marshawn Lynch] essentially rides his bike to the office and says, I’m opening up a new store and I need new product and I like your products. That’s when we started to work with him and design new concepts for him,” said Robinson.


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