5 Holiday Season Boss Moves

Don’t Just Booze & Schmooze: 5 Holiday Season Boss Moves to Boost Your Career


(Image: Thinkstock)

It’s the season of holiday shopping, gift giving and family gatherings. But besides the holidays being a way to perk up your personal life, these months of cold weather, festive decorations and gift wrapping can also be used to your career benefit if you take advantage of the professional opportunities. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of five ways to make this holiday season benefit not only your personal life but your professional life as well:

Attend office parties: Whether it’s your office, your spouse’s office or your best friend’s office, attend all the office parties you can. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of free food and drinks, but you’ll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with other professionals. Keep in mind your network is your net worth.

Contact your old boss: We all have that one boss who ever since we stepped foot into the office we knew we always wanted to stay in their good graces—even if we went on to new career moves. This holiday season can be the perfect time for you to send that holiday card or e-mail that will remind them of you and keep that line of communication open. You never know when great opportunities could arise, so keeping in touch is key.

Map out your next boss move: Take a day or two out of your holiday vacation to plan further for how you’re going to get that new promotion, start your own business or landing your dream job. While work is probably the last thing on your mind during vacation, just think about the long-term benefits of putting your new goal in writing or adding that detailed page to your business plan.

Perfect your resume: Planning for that next career move, but waiting to update your resume? Use a few hours out of your holiday vacation to update and perfect it so that you’re ready to push the send button the minute you come across your dream job.

Create your vision board: Get a head start on your 2013 expectations by mapping out your goals for the new year. Use this holiday season to reflect and brainstorm how you want to improve life personally and professionally, and write down each new thought and goal that comes to mind.