Holistic Health Consultant Introduces App Putting Self-Care In One Central Place

Holistic Health Consultant Introduces App Putting Self-Care In One Central Place

(Photos Credit: 365zing)

Haitian-American holistic health practitioner Nzingah Oniwosan has just launched a new app and website called 365zing to help Black women specifically centralize all of their self-care practices.

Billed as “your self-care toolbox,” the app allows users to create a self-care routine that encompasses their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Once the user identifies their goals in each area, they can create a schedule. The app then allows users to track their progress and make any necessary adjustments.

In addition to the tracking functionality, 365zing offers access to full suite of content including recipes, workouts, lessons and allows them to connect to each other through a community function. The app even offers the option to find an accountability partner within the community.

Developing and delivering the content are three guides to help them plan their journey, including Oniwosan, who is a plant-based chef, yoga instructor, and motivational speaker. Her team is rounded out by life coach Jennifer Benoit and holistic nurse and Reiki practitioner Osalami Blake.

In a recent interview, Oniwosan told AfroTech that her own health scare led her to create 365zing.

“Thirty years ago I got diagnosed with a brain tumor, PCOs, an autoimmune disorder,” she shared, “and I was essentially told that in some cases with what I was dealing with, that there was nothing that I could do, except to just to deal with the disease.”

Instead, she set out to find resources that would allow her to attain whole health. By creating 365zing, Oniwosan hopes to help others find their way more easily.

“As I was doing this work, I started to build my own holistic practice, and I thought about the women and men that I was servicing,” she explained. “Then I realized that a lot of them would not be as fortunate as I was to sift through all of the information that’s there or even find the right people to guide them through that journey.”

The 365zing app is currently only available for iOS. But there is also a wealth of knowledge available at 365zing.com.