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Off-Campus Homecoming Event Leaves 7 People Shot Near Prairie View A&M

The incident is yet another occurrence of gun violence impacting HBCUs.

Seven people were wounded during an off-campus event to celebrate homecoming season for Prairie View A&M University. The festivity was held only 2 miles away from the Texas-based HBCU.

According to NBC News, the Nov. 5 event was a trail ride pasture party attended by over 1,000 people. While the party was not a university-sanctioned activity, a spokesperson on behalf of the school did express its sympathy for the victims,

“Although this was not an official PVAMU homecoming event and was unaffiliated with the university, our campus community is deeply concerned for those injured and all affected by this incident.”

The victims, which included a child, are not known to be affiliated with Prairie View A&M, and the investigation into the shooting is still being conducted. However, the incident is part of a concerning trend of gun violence at HBCUs across the nation. The university is not alone in shootings casting a dark shadow over its homecoming. Morgan State University canceled its homecoming set for early October in the aftermath of a mass shooting on school grounds.

Waller County Police arrived at the scene shortly after gunfire sparked, impacting four women and two men as well as the young boy. Those injured were bystanders to a dispute; law enforcement refers to the ordeal as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In a statement, county officials also confirmed that safety protocols were not in place, which could have helped prevent violence.

“The organizers for this event went through the proper steps in terms of filing an application for a mass gathering permit…. [But] obviously, the organizers failed to meet permit conditions on a number of issues, and an investigation is ongoing at this time,” shared County Judge Trey Duhon.

Amid the growing violence, HBCUs everywhere have increased security measures to ensure students and their extended community remain safe.