Houston Power Couple Positions Entrepreneurs For Financial Increase

Houston Power Couple Positions Entrepreneurs For Financial Increase

Erwin and Twiler Portis, frontline industry leaders based out of Houston, Texas, still reign in network marketing today. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial path, Erwin proudly served as the marching band director for 28 years at James Madison and Evan E. Worthing high schools in Houston. He and wife Twiler recently celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss.

Success in network marketing wasn’t a reality in many of their former years, and their journey certainly wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. But with hard work, perseverance, and laser focus to see beyond their present obstacles, they overcame victoriously and are currently positioning many other entrepreneurs to follow their path.

Throughout their combined career, they have literally invested, helped, taught, trained, and inspired thousands. When asked what made this industry attractive in the first place, they said, “It’s one of the few industries that allows you to leverage your efforts in a short period of time and create sustainable income regardless of education or background.

The Portis’ say they’re helping ordinary people to succeed by establishing distribution networks, teaching personal growth and development, and creating collaborative environments to learn and share through active engagement and masterminding. In addition, they promote co-ventures, where team members are able to benefit from their existing business relationships to tap into and leverage strengths, resources, and skill sets; talk about building relationship equity.

I asked the Portis’s about the number one factor that blocks the flow of financial increase. Based on their experience, the one thing that keeps most people from experiencing financial increase is their personal habits and philosophy, they answered.

Here are their top seven tips for setting a foundation for financial increase:

Eliminate excuse. Don’t allow excuses to get in the way. Excuses are distractions to your destiny. You must be able to recognize and detect them early.

Exceed expectations. Always do more than what is required or expected of you. The old adage is still true to always go the extra mile.

Adjust attitudes. Develop a good positive attitude about yourself and toward others. Your attitude will set the tone for any level of success.

Set goals. Write down daily goals and review them often. This is your GPS system. Getting into the habit of documenting your goals dramatically increases the chance of you accomplishing them. This is so vital.

Monitor performance. Evaluate your progress each day. Always know where you are and where you need to make adjustments and course corrections.

Give back. Perform at least one good deed daily. Anything you pay forward will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Get better. Work harder on yourself than anything else! Jim Rohn said that in order for things to get better, you must get better. Personal development is a must for financial increase. You will attract what you become!.