How Brands Get Innovative on Vine

How Brands Get Innovative on Vine

(Image: Vine)

The second a new social media platform hits the mobile marketplace, marketers begin crafting new strategies and methods to conquer the latest platform. It’s not easy–some excel in mastering the newly-released property, while others learn through trial and error–but optimizing your use of the platform is possible.

With Vine, which debuted in January, it took marketers no time (less than 24 hours) to explore the video-sharing app’s abilities. It’s inched its way to the top of the U.S. App Store’s list of free apps, and brands are getting good at making engaging, complex and innovative vines, which are the six-second, looping videos created. The “Instagram for video” has attracted various well-known brands such as General Electric, Trident Gum and Brooklyn Nets, and even the White House.

Business Insider compiled a list of several impressive and ground-breaking Vine campaigns:

Urban Outfitters


Cavendish Hotel

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