This Attorney Created A E-Commerce Service Dedicated To Clean Beauty
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How This Attorney Created An E-Commerce Platform Dedicated To Clean Skincare Products

Alisia Ford
Image via Alisia Ford/Glory Skincare

Side hustles have become increasingly popular to build wealth through other streams of income. For one attorney, her passion for finding skincare that worked for her dark complexion inspired her to create her brand as an answer to the lack of diversity she was seeing on the market.

In the beginning, Alisia Ford worked as an attorney by day and at night, she worked as the founder and CEO of Glory Skincare, an e-commerce platform that is centered around clean beauty, curating products suitable for every hue from brands including Golde and Black Girl Sunscreen.

Ford says that her skincare brand was more than just a passion project but what she called “purpose work” in fulfilling a hole within the industry. “I knew that at some point if I was going to make an impact and grow our Glory brand, I knew that it required sacrifice and faith,” said Ford in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE via email.

“I left my career as an attorney, and I have never looked back. I am so glad that I took that leap because it has given me the opportunity to pursue this journey wholeheartedly and not have to juggle career responsibilities.”

To create the custom personality quiz for consumers, Ford says she created a formal survey and conducted her own research to make sure they would be speaking to the target audience. “We started with a survey, and I knew that in order for us to get insights about “her”–our target customer—the woman who doesn’t have access to a skincare professional or is struggling to determine what skincare product to use—we needed to provide a vehicle for “her” to give us more information about her and her lifestyle,” says Ford. “Now, we pride ourselves on developing products based on her lifestyle and skincare needs.”