How This Designer Pivoted Her Clothing Business Into a Jewelry Subscription Service Amid COVID-19
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How This Designer Pivoted Her Clothing Business Into a Jewelry Subscription Service Amid COVID-19

Gwen Belotti
(Image via Nani, Nani Photography)

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many entrepreneurs have had to learn how to adapt and pivot their current business models to the new normal brought by the public health crisis. For one fashion entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY, she used the opportunity to expand her brand to create a unique accessory subscription service.

Gwen Beloti is the designer and founder of the Gwen Beloti Collection. Her love for fashion started from the experience of dressing up from childhood. “When I was younger it was difficult to find stylish clothing that had a flattering fit as my weight often fluctuated [and] as a result I fell in love with jewelry,” says Beloti in an email interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “I would later design my own apparel but before then I used accessories to make statements with my look. I have a deep appreciation for how they can inspire your look and mood.”

Since the pandemic started, Beloti has had to find ways to maintain, which is how she came up with the concept for a subscription model for expanding her collection to include accessories, “COVID has proven to be a time of reflection and examination,” she says. “Though it hasn’t been short of a challenge, I’m grateful for this moment to go deeper.”

Beloti says that since the debut of the new jewelry subscription box, Golden Stories, she has seen an increase in members returning. Next year, she plans to expand to an add-on marketplace for members to shop product favorites for a special price.

“With Golden Stories our members build a collection of jewelry that they can trust and enjoy daily.  There are a lot of options out there, which is great, but can be overwhelming,” she says. “We take the guesswork out and curate pieces that are timeless and on-trend, and perfect for everyday wear….[your] members can look forward to a box of style  delivered to their doorstep every season.”