How to Build a $10 Million Business

How to Build a $10 Million Business

Listen to Feedback. Your employees, clients, and community members are your single biggest asset. Your staff will have some good ideas. Listen to their input, ask questions, and consider any angles you have missed. We use a suggestions form on our website that we ask all staff and employees to fill out (you can make yours anonymous for more candid suggestions). Some of the most innovative solutions have come from surprising market pressures, and when you’re open to feedback, you will be better prepared to act before anyone else can.

Stay True to Your Vision. While feedback is invaluable, don’t let naysayers sway your ultimate vision. While we would ideally like for everyone to be in agreement, we don’t make decisions based on consensus. Instead, we want to disrupt our industry, and that means breaking the change barrier. Your clarity of vision will guide your hard work right on past the $10-million mark. Write down your goals and put them where you will see them every day. Make sure your entire staff knows the direction in which you are heading. This way, everyone is working towards the same goal.

A version of this story appeared on the BusinessCollective, a virtual mentorship program designed to help millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses, which was launched by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).