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Pusha T’s Medical Transportation Company Scaled Into A ‘Really Lucrative’ Business

Pusha T is proud of his "lucrative" medical transportation company.

Pusha T is a rapper and businessman who gladly joined a friend to invest in a medical transportation company that has turned into a “lucrative” opportunity.

The “Grindin” rapper recently appeared on Assets Over Liabilities, where he shared his love for the medical business Caring Hands Medical Transportation, which he launched with a close friend.

“This is my favorite business,” Pusha T said.” “I have a friend, right, you notice all my businesses come with friendship. Passion and friendship, it don’t come with just one of them.”

While Pusha’s friend was serving time in prison, he learned more about the medical transportation industry and aiding those in need by getting them to their doctor’s appointments.

“I have this friend and he ended up having this unfortunate run-in with the law…He ends up coming out and he was such a trustworthy person before he went to jail,” Pusha explained.

“He was like, ‘I’ve been researching medical transportation.’ Basically, we would get these vans and put them with wheelchair lifts and go pick up people who need rides — the elderly, handicapped, or whatever.”

After starting out small, Caring Hands Medical Transportation quickly scaled from operating two vans to 25 vehicles throughout the state of Virginia.

“We get in the car, I go buy two vans. I’m just like, ‘Here, two vans. We’ll figure out the business,’” Pusha T explained. “That business is like 25 vans strong running through seven cities [in Viriginia]. It’s called Caring Hands Medical Transportation. It has helped my mother, sick cousins, family members, and friends.”

The “Mercy” rapper has launched a number of businesses over the years. But his medical transportation company has been the most “lucrative,” he shared on The Breakfast Club in 2022.

“It’s been really lucrative and fulfilling,” Pusha T said. “It’s really dope.”

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