New Grads: How You Can Get a Career Jumpstart
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

(Image: ThinkStock)

From Brazen Careerist.

The summer is over, graduation has ended and you plan to hit the pavement running. But don’t start that job seeking without first having a strategy— one that is focused and creative.

Brazen Careerists offers the following tips to help you get a head start on landing the gig of your dreams:

Network … with your parents: While you might have spent much of your teenage years avoiding them, your parents’ friends can be an asset. They’ve probably been in the working world a long time, and they have established networks of their own. These people actually want to help you, AND they have the means to do so, so ask your parents to spread the word about your job quest.

If you’re comfortable doing so, you can even reach out directly to people in your parents’ networks who work in areas that particularly spark your interest. Chances are high that they will genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm.

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