Setting Intentions: How To Get Your Desired Outcome

Originally Published Feb. 2, 2015

We all have specific desires in our life. It can be in health, relationships, career, and spirituality. There is a way to get what you want in life, and the first step is to set and declare your specific intentions. Think about what you want, imagine the feeling you would like to experience and write it down.

From here, as you create your intention, focus on it enough to get to work, but let go of the outcome. We have our desires, and we do the work, but the beauty of the journey is that the outcome can be greater than we ever imagined. Here are some tips to help you set your intentions and see them come to fruition.

1. Be specific: When you set an intention, it is important to be as specific as possible. This will help you stay focused, and it will be easier to say no to things that no longer serve you and that are not aligned with what you would like to accomplish.

2. Get to work: Once you set your intention, get to work the best way you possibly can. Everything will fall into place. Even if it isn’t right away, it is all a part of the divine plan. Just keep your focus on the bigger picture. If things get difficult, pray and ask for guidance to get through the lesson. Follow the order from your higher source and keep working.

3. Pay attention: Once you set your intention something starts to happen. You will be led to certain people and situations to help you get what you want and need.

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4. Let it Go: Some outcomes are better than ever imagined. We have many goals and intentions for ourselves, but know that your higher source can dream a dream bigger than you can for yourself. Holding on to anything too tight, we will lose it. Set the intention, work hard, pay attention, and let it go. Pray for direction, ask God to do what you can’t do for yourself, have faith, and it will all work out.

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