How to Recruit Young Leaders to Your Team

How to Recruit Young Leaders to Your Team

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(Image: Thinkstock)

Young talent is definitely abundant, from recent grads looking to stake their claim on their industries to intrapreneurs hoping to apply their business savvy in advancing a company’s agenda. If you’re a hiring professional or manager, take heed to these tips on making your company an attractive place for young innovators:

Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and a New Mindset
According to the oDesk report, 90% of millennials surveyed think being an entrepreneur means having a certain mindset rather than starting a company. Aspects of this mindset include being a self-starter and risk-taker, someone who “spots opportunity.”

It isn’t just the definition of entrepreneurship that is experiencing a shift. While many consider starting their own business and being an entrepreneur as a risky endeavor, 57% of millennials say being an entrepreneur is entirely a good thing, and 58% classify themselves as entrepreneurs.

Freelancing is another area of business that is on the rise, and more and more millennials are looking for ways they can work from home and on their own schedules. The flexibility of freelancing with respect to choosing where and when to work, as well as the potential earnings, are all reasons people show interest in freelancing. Many believe Gen X is best suited to run today’s businesses, but many from Gen Y (66%) think they are ready to do so.

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