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I’m Home!

be led by referrals. Get to know these people, how long they’ve had their positions. Feel comfortable with the people [who] are serving you. You want people who have your best interests at heart.” To get started, check out sites such as www.hud.gov and www.fredddiemac.com.

Now that the papers are signed and the deal is done, Flowers is preparing to make her new house a home. “It’s always been important to me that my children have better,” she says. “By investing in homeownership, I can leave this behind for them. And now, they know it’s possible; you don’t have to live in an apartment all your life. They have something they can look at and say ‘This is my family’s, we own this.'”

For Flowers, buying her home was about more than just gaining an asset: She wanted to create a legacy as reflected in DOFE Principle No. 10: to ensure that my wealth is passed on to future generations. In addition to her home, Flowers owns several assets including IRAs, stocks, vacation and Christmas club accounts, and stock options through H&R Block. Her next steps include opening her own practice in taxation and finance. “I see myself investing in other properties as well and taking on new opportunities in my career.”

Clearly, this is just the beginning of new things for Flowers and her family. If you’re planning to purchase your first home over the next year, check in at blackenterprise.com for details on the next Own Your First Home Contest.
— Additional reporting by Sheree R. Curry