In God We Trust? Bringing ‘The Force’ into Your Finances

I’m just sayin’…There have been times when I have gone through periods and used the Deepak Chopra A to Z wealth exercise described below, and indeed, stuff has happened.

In the book, Creating Affluence:  The A to Z steps to a Richer Life, Chopra lists 26 principles, which he says will make financial and spiritual wealth and abundance part of your life. The spiritual teacher and author, who gained widespread popularity after an interview on The Oprah Winfrey show in the 1990’s, and is followed by trailblazers such as Russell Simmons, says simply reading or listening to the list once a day, allows attitudes and behaviors to undergo a transformation that will spontaneously bring wealth into your life.

Chopra uses the letters of the alphabet to make the principles easy for his audience to follow and remember. ‘D,’ for example, stands for Dharma. Each of us has a Dharma, or ‘purpose’ in life; Chopra says connect to that purpose and the demand will come.  Whatever, your take on spirituality and money, millions of people follow Chopra’s teachings and use him as a guide in their efforts to connect with something bigger than the limitations of their minds.

Watch the principles below, and please share your thoughts and experiences with me @stisdale1.