In Good Company

Fremont, CA
Kristyn Heath is all about sharing. With funding from her father, the 17-year-old created NoeStringAttached, a portable music-sharing device. Attachable to any music source using frequency modulation (FM), the device allows users to transmit and receive music wirelessly within a 10- to 40-foot radius. NoeStringAttached also allows users to listen to music stored on their portable players from a car stereo system.
The teen’s Fremont, California-based company, Passive Devices, originated in 2006 and distributes the product under the brand SnoopTunes, meaning users can “snoop” in on peers’ “tunes.” The company’s revenues for 2007 were $30,000, and Heath expects 2008 revenues to near $100,000. Heath works directly with engineers regarding product development and features. Heath has been a Girl Scout for six years, and the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California branch sells the NoeStringAttached devices in its store- just one of the ways Heath gets her clever invention to the masses.

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