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In the Spirit

Still a Classic

Vodka remains a favorite summertime drink. Versatile with broad appeal, vodka is a bar staple for martinis or cosmos, or with a dash of organge or cranberry juice. Grey Goose is a sure crowd-pleaser and can easily be enjoyed neat. The first French vodka, distilled in Cognac, France, it is distinguised by its smooth yet complex charaachteristics.  Its fruit-infused variations simply heighten the experience. Le Citron’s tart flavor evokes the lemon harvest of the provincial town of Menton, France. The La Poire blend proivdes sweet notes under nutty flavor courtesy of the Anjou pear down in the Loire river valley in France. L’Orange is a burst of frangrant, right, floral aromas that also engage the palate with a refreshingly familiar fruity taste.

Shape of things to Come?

The bottle looks similar to a swanky brand of water, but the contents are much more engaging to the palate, and the bottlers, Voga Italia, suggest the modern, sleek look is the next evolution in design for sophisticated wine drinkers. Their offerings: a crisp, light pinot grigio, a 1005 sparkling pinot grigio, and a full-bodied merlot. Their blengs are perfect for a variety of spicy and exotic foods – but they would insist on flouting the rules and letting your tastes decide.

This article originally appeared in the August 2009 issue of Black  Enterprise magazine.