Insights & Tricks For Business Owners Sourcing Stock Videos And Images

Insights & Tricks For Business Owners Sourcing Stock Videos And Images

Today, studio-quality content and footage is regularly appearing in marketing and advertising campaigns developed by small- and medium-sized businesses. To compete, entrepreneurs who are growing a brand need to seek out a distinct and authentic source of visual media—especially video.

Opting for an affordable and top-quality service like iStock with its premier stock video library is a great way for new businesses to create an arsenal of engaging content for social, email, web, and beyond.

There are a number of ways to generate sales with access to libraries like this, which feature a diverse collection of 4K stock footage and HD clips. Looking to some of iStock’s own insights, it’s essential to build brand awareness, foster positive customer experiences, and increase conversions.

Land a Source of Quality Footage

When upwards of 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, those who are not actively promoting their brand with the power of the moving image are behind the curve.

iStock is home to a large pool of distinct and exclusive clips. With so much boring and forgettable stock imagery permeating the internet, this is an example of a library that really cuts through the noise.

Working hand-in-hand with top contributors to accumulate data, information, and tips on curating imagery that helps businesses generate sales, iStock is a great source for information on visual content marketing.

Promote Sustainable Retail Practices

The deterioration of the environment is an existential crisis that we all face, and there are a number of ways that you can signal your brand’s devotion to change with your marketing.

iStock says that 81% of consumers expect companies to be environmentally aware—so it helps to know that the videos you source for your business or brand shouldn’t feature increasingly out-of-date items like plastic straws or styrofoam cups.

Boost Finances with Humanity

Trends in searches and inquiries from subscribers inform content sources of what works. Images and videos of powerful business executives are not as engaging as they used to be. Rather than drawn to images of power, consumers seem to be more inspired by humanity. iStock’s reported increase in searches for the term “belonging” says a lot about the type of media that’s working for financial services today.

Celebrate Virtual Connection with Physical Media

In a day when more and more lessons and classes are moving online, we are all reckoning with how our relationships involve technology.

For brands who are promoting this technology, it’s important to represent the humanistic connections your product can give potential visitors or customers. So even if you sell a piece of tech, a piece of hardware, visually emphasizing the influence of your product with videos of people, places, and experiences could play to your advantage.

Check out the iStock Video library, as well as the plans and pricing to see how a subscription could help grow your business and generate a client base.