Instagram Reports 90 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram Is Still Hot, Reports 90 Million Monthly Active Users

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While photo sharing is certainly nothing new in the age of social media, photo-sharing mobile app Instagram has managed to grab and keep users' attention with its funky filters and special effects. Unlike photo archiving and sharing platforms Flickr and Picasa, which allow you to upload and share your photos with your social network, Instagram allows users to easily apply filters to photos to create an aged, vintage look, or zoom in on focal objects and blur out the rest of the picture. The result is a fun, addictive and inherently sharable photo experience that keeps Instagram gaining new users each day.

But how can small businesses take advantage of the Insta-craze? Here are a few tips to get your business in on the photo-sharing action.--Amanda Miller Littlejohn
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More than just college freshman have turned Instagram flexin’ into a common pastime. And the photo-sharing app has the numbers to prove it.

Despite reports that Instagram has seen a decline in its user numbers, the company reported on Thursday that it now has 90 million monthly active users. Instagram has seen a 10% growth from the same period a month ago, according to AllThingsD. It’s the first time Instagram has released numbers on its own site since Facebook officially acquired the social network last September, noting that the service had passed 100 million registered users.

The recent release of the service’s numbers is evidence that it can overcome recent challenges such as the social network’s terms of service and its move to remove support for Twitter cards.

The mobile photo-sharing app also revealed that 40 million photos are posted daily to the service, and users post 1,000 comments and 8,500 likes per second.