Is That Her Man? Nicole Murphy Spotted With New Boo, Two Years After Caught Kissing Lela Rochon's Man

Is That Her Man? Nicole Murphy Seen With New Boo, Two Years After Caught Kissing Lela Rochon’s Man

Nicole Murphy (Twitter)

All eyes are on Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy once again, and this time inquiring minds want to know who the mystery man is she’s boo’d up with.

The former model has formed a reputation as a sexy kitten of sorts after she was caught kissing director Antoine Fuqua on several occasions, which was problematic since he has been married to actress Lela Rochon for the past 23 years.

In all fairness, Murphy apologized for her indiscretion, but actress Lisa Raye said matter-of-factly that Murphy once ruined her marriage by co-mingling with her ex-husband Michael Misick while they were married, which Murphy denies.

Now social media is all abuzz after Murphy was spotted with a mystery man, with many wondering about his identity and if the two are now an item.

On Tuesday, June 14, The Shade Room put Murphy and her mystery man on full display after capturing pics of Murphy and the tall, youthful dude out and about during the day.

Fans had a field day dropping names of who might possibly be the beaded bae on Murphy’s arm. Some suggested “P-Valley” actor Tyler Lepley could possibly be the dude – even though he is dating actress Miracle Watts  — while others made mention of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott as the possible eye-candy. Scott is married to Latisha Scott.

Nicole Murphy (@theshaderoom)

One thing is for certain, Murphy is going to keep a handsome suitor on standby.