Black Woman Founder Of Nonprofit Launches Magazine To Support Minorities Affected By Breast Cancer

asmine Dionne Souers, President and CEO of The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance and a breast cancer survivor herself, is proud to announce the launch of More Life Magazine.

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Nationwide — Jasmine Dionne Souers, President and CEO of The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance and a breast cancer survivor herself, is proud to announce the launch of More Life Magazine. The publication features a collection of stories, resources, and innovative ideas that relate to the experiences of people of color affected by breast cancer.

The website and magazine feature personal stories to address cultural access barriers, connect people to more than 300 existing resources and support services, and promote policies and practices demonstrating success in eliminating barriers and disparities.

With the support of Genentech and Built to Rock Events, The Missing Pink partnered with 12 dynamic breast cancer organizations to showcase the impact of their respective services in the lives of people of color, reflecting back the possibility of hope, help, and healing for patients and amplifying insights behind barrier-breaking efforts.

“The disparities facing minorities affected by breast cancer are so great, they’re not something one organization is going to solve alone,” said Jasmine. “More Life Magazine brings together hundreds of resources in one place, it exists in various formats, and makes it easier for patients and the people who care for them like caregivers, social workers, providers, etc. to find help that may or may not exist in their backyard.”

The inaugural issue of More Life Magazine predominantly features experiences that relate to Black and Latino people affected by breast cancer and unlike many minority breast cancer efforts, it includes the experiences of and resources for men and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

“I remember how isolating it was to navigate breast cancer as a 26-year-old Black woman in 2016,” said Jasmine. “In our first issue, I wanted to make sure we held space for as many

unique perspectives from our diverse communities as possible because where there is light, there is hope. Everyone deserves to see a reflection of themselves in the face of people who are surviving and thriving after breast cancer and know what help is available to them.”

More Life Magazine tackles various subjects, including experiences with clinical trials, parenting with cancer, fertility preservation, the impact of delayed diagnoses on families and more. As the cover story, Jasmine’s personal journey as a young survivor, advocate and co-survivor to her grandmother living with metastatic breast cancer lays the foundation for the vulnerable, authentic, and informational storytelling found throughout the publication.

“Speaking from experience, I know the challenges people are facing to overcome this disease are very real and I don’t think we should shy away from that, but the work happening to help people overcome many of these challenges is just as real,” said Jasmine. “I want to make help and hope more tangible for people who feel like it’s out of reach for them or the community they serve.”

More Life Magazine is available online, in print, and in PDF. Additional stories and resources will be added to the site. Promo items for offices and outreach events are also available online.

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