Rapper Young Jeezy Brings His Entrepreneurial Experience to Avion Tequila

Tequila Avion has become one of  the fastest growing ultra-premium tequila’s. The brand has attracted numerous celebrity fans, namely Jay Jenkins, also known as Jeezy, who caught the founder’s eye through his genuine love for the tequila.

The rapper displayed this appreciation by incorporating the Avion name into his lyrics and posting throughout his Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

A friendship that was founded on an appreciation for entrepreneurship and strong business ideals, Ken Austin, Founder and Chairman of Tequila Avion, and Jeezy, have announced that the artist will become Multicultural Advisor to Ken Austin. Jeezy will share his distinctive insight into the multicultural consumer to help guide Mr. Austin.

Ken Austin reached out to thank the hip-hop superstar and music executive for “the love,” and at their first meeting they both felt a true chemistry between them.

“I have been a tequila fan for many years and because of this, people are always telling me to try their tequila and claiming theirs is the best,” stated Jeezy. “I have tried them all, but when I tried Avion for the first time, the quality, luxury packaging and smooth taste blew me away, so I wasn’t surprised to learn it was voted the ‘world’s best tasting tequila.’ When Ken asked me why I included Avion in my music and social channels, I told him it was purely for the love of the product.”

“We have been incredibly lucky with the success of Avion and the movement we have created. Bartenders, celebrities and consumers have embraced our brand,” said Ken Austin. “After spending a great deal of time with Jeezy, I have been inspired by the level of business savvy he has, as well as his consumer insights and raw talent. I know he will be a valuable asset to our company, and I am already learning a great deal from him. I look forward to continuing to elevate the Avion brand and am excited for Jeezy’s perspective on the multicultural market and beyond.”

Jeezy brings entrepreneur experience from running a clothing line, as well as holding a position as a music executive.