Jennifer Hudson Returns to American Idol to Judge
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Jennifer Hudson Returns to American Idol to Judge

jennifer hudson smilingSo, American Idol is reaching back in their past to hopefully, make their future brighter!

As previously mentioned, American Idol, is revamping the judges’ panel and has reached back to one of their most popular contestants, Jennifer Hudson, to sit in one of the now vacant seats.

As reported on E!, she is the first former contestant to sign on as a judge as the producers look to hire two others as well.

The producers plan on making the panel consist of 3 judges again and are currently in talks with Kelly Clarkson and may pursue either Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert. The thinking is that the previous winners can help ‘usher’ in the new generation of winners.

Although Hudson didn’t win the season she competed on, she is arguably one of the  highest, if not, the highest, profiled singer who has appeared on the competition.