Jercori Freeman is Giving Entrepreneurs The Advice They Need to Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Entrepreneurship

Jercori Freeman is Giving Entrepreneurs The Advice They Need to Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

Jercori Freeman
Jercori Freeman (Image: Quinton Thomas)

The coronavirus has crippled or completely eradicated businesses, but Jercori Freeman is helping entrepreneurs keep their businesses going as well as assisting others to start one.

The author of The Art of the Sale, the 26-year-old serial entrepreneur is also the founder of Wealthchild, an immersive online course platform that teaches users how to start a business from experts in a particular industry. 

BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke to Freeman to see how he is coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an enterprising entrepreneur, how did you manage to maintain your business before the coronavirus hit and how has the pandemic affected your business now?

I really have to give it up to my staff and my partners. The staff is consistent and I’ve built great relationships with my vendors and affiliates–they are and have been steadily sending over clientele. Even Wealthchild, our e-learning platform which helps individuals prepare themselves for entrepreneurship in various industries, has seen a drastic increase in response to the pandemic.

You’re under 30, but you’re running your own business and you’ve authored a book, The Art of the Sale. What prompted you to write the book and what does the book detail? How are you able to manage so much in so little time?

Well, someone who has mastered the art of the sale is magnetic; they can draw you into them with ease and make you interested in what they’re saying. This is what the book accomplishes. It shows the reader why sales are the lifeblood of any company and how to master your tone in a world where perception is everything. I wrote the book to shorten the learning curve for those interested in sales. As far as time, my professional life is like a checklist, and thankfully, I can delegate tasks to my staff, so whenever something is to be done, I block off the time and get it done.

Your recent work has included assisting healthcare professionals through these trying times. What have you done and/or doing to help people who have been directly impacted by COVID-19? What are your intentions going forward with helping those in the coronavirus fight, particularly those on the frontline?

I’m still heavily involved locally with my community by being an avid benefactor to multiple non-profits that provide necessary tools and resources to frontline workers and nationally, where our service-based company offers discounts to those affected by the coronavirus and frontline workers.

What advice do you have for small companies and emerging entrepreneurs, especially in tumultuous times, to not only stay in business but to thrive in what they are doing?

Pick the right product or service to sell! If times have shown you that you need to adapt and pivot, then do that. Either way, you better learn how to SELL or hire someone who does know how to sell. In short here are three tips: Learn how to market, learn how to sell your product or service, and learn how to create systems!

Obscurity is the number-one reason why companies and entrepreneurs don’t make money. Nobody knows you! You have to learn how to get in front of people, grab their attention. Once you have their attention, you better have a product worth buying, and if you do, you have to know how to close the deal! Lastly, organization and a streamlined process are key. You must create a system (a checklist) so the process is smooth and your clients are happy and taken care of.

What is Jercori Freeman doing in the future, what’s in the works, if you don’t mind sharing?

Right now, the majority of my focus is on expanding Wealthchild. Every day we’re working to make sure our students have the resources and access necessary to thrive out in the world of business.

On the other hand, I’ve been working alongside brilliant minds like Rob Jones, Ice Cube, Chris Broussard, and others with “Contract With Black America” to help build the country stronger. So we’re working…there’s always something to do.