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Jonathan Majors Trial Reveals New Surveillance Footage Of Car Fight

The surveillance footage of Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari in an altercation outside their SUV has been released by the courts.

More details have been revealed in the domestic assault trial against Jonathan Majors. Surveillance footage outside the vehicle where some of the March incident occurred has been shared with the public.

The judge presiding over the case allowed the evidence presented to the court to be shared with media outlets, and TMZ obtained the footage that shows Majors and his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, outside the SUV where the altercation allegedly began. In the clip, after the ex-couple were tensely speaking, Majors is seen picking up Jabbari and putting her back inside the vehicle. As she resists, Majors becomes more forceful, pushing her back into the car as he leaves.

Prosecutors detailed the scene as Majors using “physical force once again,” claiming her “shoved her repeatedly” into the car.

However, additional video shows Majors running away from Jabbari for several blocks. As she gives up her chase, the woman finds pedestrians to help her order a car ride home. Majors returned to walk past his former partner, with Jabbari noticing his reemergence and starting to follow him again. As known early on in the case, Jabbari spent the rest of the evening at a nightclub, while Majors allegedly went to stay at a hotel.

The following day led to his arrest, but only after a 911 call that morning by the Marvel actor to report Jabbari’s alleged suicide attempt by overdose. More footage of that incident was also shared, showing Majors escorting police through his home to reach an unconscious Jabbari. After she speaks to officers and shows them her alleged injuries, Majors is arrested.

The new footage comes after testimony by the SUV driver that further complicates the story. The unidentified man, who was brought on to testify by the prosecution, recalled his version of the events where Jabbari was the aggressor in the matter, while Majors tried to get rid of her.

With the curtains now open on evidence previously sealed from public viewing, the media circus surrounding the trial has gained more fuel. As for the trial itself, the prosecution has rested its case, with the defense now calling its witnesses.

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