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Jonathan Majors Called Cops Day Of Arrest For Ex’s Attempted Suicide

Cops testifying in the Jonathan Majors' domestic assault trial reveal that the actor called 911 to report his ex's, Grace Jabbari, alleged suicide via overdose back in March.

Another revelation in the domestic assault trial against Jonathan Majors has been exposed to the public. Cops involved in the matter testified on Dec. 12 that Majors made a 911 call on the day of his arrest to report his ex, Grace Jabbari, attempted suicide.

According to the two cops who responded to the call, the day Majors was arrested for the March incident that prompted the trial, Jabbari allegedly overdosed in a suicide attempt. The cops’ testimony detailed the rundown of events, with one stating that Majors reported the suspected overdose himself.

One cop explained that as they arrived on the scene, Jabbari lay down on the floor of her former partner’s apartment. Upon awakening, she asked the officer how she had gotten in, then asked if Majors was inside. The officers also noted small stains of blood on Major’s comforter in his bedroom but did not detect blood elsewhere in the apartment. When they spoke to Jabbari, she stated that the actor had assaulted her several times by hitting her in the head and grabbing her by the throat.

One officer also detailed how he aided Jabbari in filing a domestic violence report. However, neither on the stand could remember all the details regarding the incident when cross-examined by Majors’ defense team. One question asked was whether they knew Jabbari had taken two sleeping pills the night before, as they could not determine if the woman had made them aware of that at the time.

This latest testimony comes after an SUV driver took the stand on Dec. 11 to recall his interaction with the former couple, relaying how they had gotten into a fight while in the vehicle. However, the driver maintained his belief that Jabbari initiated the physical assault. The case has sparked a media frenzy, as new details cloud public judgment on the matter. Majors has yet to take the stand.

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