Jordan Davis Assailant, Michael Dunn, Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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A retrial for 47-year-old Michael Dunn has resulted in a guilty verdict, as a jury took five hours to reach a verdict in the matter of first-degree murder.

Back in September 2012, Dunn shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis, after an argument occurred over loud music. In February, an original jury was deadlocked over whether or not to convict him of killing Davis. He was convicted on three counts of attempted murder for shooting at Davis’ friends in the car.

At this month’s trial, Dunn testified that he killed Davis in self-defense, invoking the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law. Dunn said that he believed the teen threatened him and believed that he had a gun, although no weapon was ever found in the aftermath.

A press conference that took place after the verdict was read, Davis’ father, Ron, told reporters, “We must do a better job of loving each other.” Dunn’s parents, Ron Davis and Lucia MacBath, were in the courtroom for the verdict. Both let out a quiet gasp upon hearing the jury forewoman’s words and then hung their heads and cried. Meanwhile, Dunn did not appear to have an immediate reaction, but later, he turned around and somberly shook his head toward his father.

Outside the courtroom, Davis’ mother expressed her ultimate gratitude for a verdict she said represented justice not only for her son, but for “Trayvon and for all the nameless faces and children and people that will never have a voice.” “Words cannot express our joy but also our great sorrow because … we know that Jordan has received his justice,” she said. “We know that Jordan’s life and legacy will live on for others, but at the same time, we’re very saddened by the life that Michael Dunn will continue to live. We are saddened for his family, for his friends and the community that will continue to suffer by his actions.”

According to Prosecutor Angela Corey, Dunn could face a life term along with a minimum of 25 to life for using a firearm. Duval County Judge Russell Healey set a tentative sentencing hearing for October 17 but she said that he would wait until Tuesday to ensure the date worked for Dunn’s defense attorneys.