Judge Finds a Single Mother Not Guilty After Leaving Kids in a Hotel While She Worked
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Judge Finds a Single Mother Not Guilty After Leaving Kids in a Hotel While She Worked

Judge Jeffrey Adler found Shaina Bell not guilty of child endangerment charges. Facebook photo credit

WKBN reported that Shaina Bell — a single mother in Ohio who was charged after leaving her children alone in a Liberty motel room while she was at work — was found not guilty at Girard Municipal Court last Wednesday.

According to the news report, she pleaded no contest to two disorderly conduct charges. Bell was arrested at her place of employment, Little Caesars, after officers reported finding her children at Motel 6. The youth were residing there with their mother. Charges were made after the children’s father called police on Bell. The children were ages nine, seven and three at the time of the incident.

Bell’s case sparked outrage around the country. A GoFundMe campaign was organized by her mother, Danielle Hosey, a few days after Bell’s arrest to help Bell and her children secure permanent and safe housing.

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“We understand that everyone has a story and we are grateful that you are listening to ours. From the bottom of our hearts we not only appreciate the financial contributions, but also the outpouring of support in the form of kind words and understanding,” a message stated months ago.

On Feb. 25, 2021, Hosey posted additional news that Bell was able to buy a home with the help of donations provided by empathetic supporters. At least $165,609 was amassed through the online fundraiser.

“She did it! She was able to buy a home. They are not settled in yet, but the biggest part of the process has been taken care of,” Hosey said in a campaign update.

WFMJ added that the judge who found Bell not guilty of charges also apologized to her, when she showed up for court about leaving her children alone. Judge Jeffrey Adler dismissed two counts of child endangerment while stating that the case sounded like a custody dispute matter. He remarked that Bell should not have ever been taken to jail.

“When the matter arose, I was personally offended that this young woman was arrested and taken to jail instead of just being served with a summons. That should never have happened. People with more serious offenses are not being taken to jail at this time,” Adler said in the video.