Kamerion Wimbley is Securing His Future One Business At a Time

Kamerion Wimbley is Securing His Future One Business At a Time

Not only is Kamerion Wimbley a powerhouse defensive player for the Tennessee Titans, husband, father, brother, son and loving family man, but he’s also a successful entrepreneur, owning several businesses in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas and Florida. With a keen business sense and a drive for success, Wimbley has positioned himself to succeed on and off the field.

BlackEnterprise.com got a chance to catch up with the smart-minded entrepreneur to discuss his commitment to giving back to his community and his businesses and to securing his financial future after football.

BlackEnterprise.com: What are you doing to give back to the communities you live and play in?

Wimbley: In my hometown of Wichita there are many very low-income and distressed areas. I purchase residential and commercial properties in the city, do renovations to bring up the value and also place businesses in the properties. This helps provide jobs for people in the community and keeps the city clean.

Another thing that I am proud of is the work I do with a charitable event called The Beautillion. In addition to personally donating money, we raise funds every year to provide tuition assistance and basic school supplies for kids coming out of high school headed to college. We also take many of these kids on college HBCU tours for them to see what college and universities have to offer.

The Tennessee Titans do many things in the community. One thing that stands out is our Shop With a Jock Christmas toy drive in partnership with Walmart. We partner with families in need, provide them a gift card and the children shop at Walmart with the athletes.

Outside of your real-estate investments what other businesses are you involved in?

Our Dog Registry is what keeps me busy around this time of the year. The Bull Breed Coalition Registry is an organization founded to provide a network of support, education and documentation of bull breeds. In partnership with Amy Krogman, we are able to travel around the world hosting dog shows, educating on breeding and genetics as well as the health of the bully breed.

My restaurant Wings & Things located in Wichita, Kansas is a joint venture with my aunt that we are really excited about. We serve our signature wings tossed in Aunt Val’s famous Val’s sauce, and offer sandwiches, salads, and burgers. Wings & Things is a place where you can come relax and catch up with friends over some of the best wings in Kansas. We now have two locations and are excited about growth opportunities in the future.

How did attending the business boot camp at Stanford University Help You?

It was a unique opportunity to meet like minded entrepreneurs that either had businesses or were wanting to start a business. For three days we were able to dive in and learn about every aspect of business. In addition I was exposed to several high profile business executives and learned tips for success.

Managing family, football and business is quite a feat. How are you able to ensure your businesses continue to run smoothly during the season?

Fortunately I have been able to build a really good team around me who do a great job of managing the businesses while I’m in season. Tuesday is our off day during the NFL season so I take that day to meet with my team and go over business. Having people on my team who are knowledgeable in a specific area of the business has been a blessing. It is really about finding that balance between family, football and business.

What steps are you taking to secure your financial future?

I was able to get with a financial advisor that I trust. does a very good job of helping me to make great business decisions, and helps me to understand which opportunities may be a good or bad one. Taking the initiative to self-educate is also important. Reading books, attending business courses, and taking advantage of the NFL 401K and retirements plans is imperative.

What advice do you have for younger players in the NFL in terms of taking care of post-game success?

Use resources right in front of you: Take advantage of the tools that the NFL provides such as the Business Boot Camp. These programs are put in place for players to educate themselves. Ask a lot of questions, read and stay informed.

Get financial advisement: Use references when looking to find a financial adviser. It is also a good idea to seek an adviser that doesn’t primarily work with athletes. Someone who advises a variety of people in different professions provides a well-rounded view of money management.

Be patient. Don’t give any one person total control over your finances. Pay attention to the business, and the business is the NFL. Be patient with your spending, and don’t try to keep up with other guys in the locker room because It is a great amount of money in a short amount of time. Understand that you can live like a king for a short amount of time, or live like a prince for the rest of your life.

Daron Pressley (@daronpressley) is an entrepreneur and former Fortune 500 sales and marketing executive who has been featured on outlets including Fox45 News, Black Enterprise magazine, and The Washington Post. Knowledgeable in marketing and branding, Pressley works with professional athletes, organizations, and individuals to develop strategies to create, build, and grow brands. As a speaker Pressley has reached over 20,000 students. He provides dynamic insights on leadership and branding via his Website, DaronPressley.com