10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

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Prepare For Career Stoppers

As you go along your journey as a publicist, you will encounter what’s called ‘Career Stoppers’. These can be minor or major, but you must be prepared for them. Typical career stoppers can include things like, starting a family; a death in the family or other crises like your expensive “uninsured” laptop breaking down; a client trashing you; a major failure for a client that you are to blame for.

If you are attempting to start a family or anything that strikes you off your feet, make sure to post to all your social platforms that you will take a sabbatical and the date you will resume work full-time. This helps especially if clients are wanting to work with you and watching you. Any technology crisis — like losing a laptop or catching a virus — can be devastating to a publicist. Always make sure to back up your hard drive and your phone often.

I always insure your equipment, using renters insurance or homeowners insurance or invest in a cheap laptop as standby on eBay or Craigslist. There is nothing worse than losing databases that have taken years to rebuild. Those situations will literally set you back years.