10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: ThinkStock)

Decide Your Career Path

There will come a point in time where you will need to decide is it more beneficial to work full-time or remain independent. This is the world of the grass is always greener. The publicists working for firms in offices always dream of the day when they will start their own firm and the PRs who are independent always dream of the stability of landing a full-time job in PR.

Honestly, sometimes the happy medium is working for a client part-time and running your own firm part-time. If you are fresh out of college, I highly suggest you get full-time agency experience first. You will learn the technology, the jargon, the process for running your own firm by osmosis and you will also meet plenty of new networking leads.

Also, it is sometimes easier to land an agency position right out of university versus trying to get in down the road with zero-to-limited agency experience.