10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

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Build Relationships Savvily

Once that fire has been lit, prepare for your career to take on a life of its own. To build it into something more than just an ember, you need to constantly post your latest projects and accolades. You have to continue to build relationships and remain savvy to remain relevant. Google your name often to see what others see. If it doesn’t mesh well with your career or you just don’t like what you see, focus on landing media placements that shift the discussion.

Always keep your business name and your personal brand the same across all web platforms. Always register your business with the Secretary of State. Choose clients that compliment each other in hopes of building a stellar roster of talent. Sometimes, they will use the same databases and resources which will make your job easier. I cannot stress this enough: Choose clients wisely. Make sure they can afford to consistently pay you. Never promise overnight success. Always over deliver.

Choosing a client who has reached a certain level of success is always wise versus taking a client who is brand spanking new.