Fitness Expert and Artist Keiara LaShae Shares Social Media Tips

Artist and Fitness Buff Talks Social Media’s Role in Career Advancement

Artist and fitness enthusiast, Keaira LaShae uses technology to further her professional pursuits. (Image: File)

Artist and fitness enthusiast Keaira LaShae has used social media to fuel her day job and her passion. On YouTube, LaShae uses her music to help coordinate fitness routines.

Madame Noire sat down with LaShae to discuss how technology and social media have been a vehicle to push her career to the next level

Madame Noire: How did you turn your personal love of working out into a business?

KL: I graduated high school early and after that I didn’t want to go straight to college. I was like, “I’ve got to do something else.” So [at 16], I trained at a local gym… under one of the workers there. [I learned personal training] and then got my license when I was old enough.

MN: What made you decide to put your workouts online?

KL: I’ve done it for a while in person for people… but when I did it on YouTube, when I did it online, and people were like “Oh my God, this is amazing,” I was like “Man, I could really do something with this. Not only could I help people and help them have fun while working out and get them in shape, but I can also make money by doing this?”

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