Kelly Rowland Gives Birth to Boy

Kelly Rowland Gives Birth to Boy

(File: Instagram)

Yesterday at 1:30 p.m. Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their newborn son into their home. At 7.5 pounds, Titan Jewell Witherspoon was born healthy and happy. “We are thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son. We are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy!” Rowland said.

Rowland’s pregnancy went smooth, but as the due date approached she started to feel antsy waiting for the baby to come. As for pregnancy cravings and special snacks, Rowland admits to one sandwich in particular. She shared with E!News “I love rye with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions—the works. I like to make it myself then cut it open and just look at it.” She also admited to munching on nachos and splurging on chocolate ice cream with peanut butter.

However, she still sustained her dynamic lifestyle and exercise routine with trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and looked fit and healthy while carrying. In June, she posted a picture of baby Jordan’s via Instagram with a caption “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy.” Later, on July 30, during an interview with FOX411, Rowland accidentally let the sex of the baby slip, saying “he.” Afterwards, she hurried to call her publicist to let her husband know. The singer told E! News, “I’m a very, very happy woman.”

Congratulations to Rowland and her family!