Kenyon Martin's $3 Million Home in Texas Is For Sale

Kenyon Martin’s $3 Million Home in Texas is for Sale

The 15,000 square-foot Arlington, Texas mansion Los Angeles Clippers forward Kenyon Martin bought for about $3 million in 2008 is for sale.

For $5 million!

TMZ has the details: “Looking to make a tidy profit, K-Mart recently listed the 5-bedroom, 5-bath Mediterranean pad for almost twice what he paid — and the house is RIDICULOUS.

“It sits on 8.4 acres of land and is rockin’ a full-sized basketball court … bowling alley …  gym … game room … pond … pool with 2 huge dolphin fountains … 2 water slides … 10 car garage … white marble floors, white walls … annnnnnnd a freakin’ [sic] pecan orchard.”

It was not immediately apparent why Martin initially bought the home, as he has no known ties to Texas. The investment was a smart one, however. Arlington is home to both the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys and a favorite locale amongst Dallas’ moneyed elite.

For exclusive photos of the mansion, head over to TMZ.