KFC Rightfully Called Out For Racially Offensive Canadian Ad Campaign

KFC is in hot grease after Black Twitter called out its racially offensive ad campaign. Billboards across Canada displayed Black people enjoying its famous fried chicken under the slogan of “it’s finger lickin’ good,” drawing criticism for the tone-deaf imagery.

Azim Akhtar, director of marketing for KFC’s Canada, presented his “latest campaign” to Twitter Aug. 24, expressing how he “couldn’t be more proud” at how well it seemingly turned out.

“Sorry utensils, its finger lickin’ good,” he wrote, reiterating the motto featured on the ads.

However, his tweet gained traction in a negative light. Naysayers suggested that the team missed the mark, displaying Black people in an advertisement that perpetuated historical stereotypes against them.

One critic, whose opinion was re-shared by REVOLT, stated that this is why marketers should be culturally diverse and knowledgable about how to depict certain groups.

“This is why it’s important for marketers/advertisers to study art history and historic ad campaigns. The print ad vs. the video came across as a caricature display of Black people. A picture is worth a thousand words. Nah, this was a miss,” shared the Twitter user.

Despite the harsh feedback, Akhtar defended his work, stating that the full campaign includes a racially diverse video that showcases the country’s blended communities of people.

However, this was not enough.

“Folks would prefer the full diversity to be present across every medium,” shared media personality ladidai, know on twitter by her handle @laidaix. “The concept was great—you just missed the mark with execution. I hope the feedback you’ve received over the past day or so helps you and your team to nail it next time.”

While Akhtar or KFC mentioned no plans to modify or remove the billboards, Black Twitter is still urging the fast food brand to make things right.

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