KFDX News Anchor Shatanya Clarke Dies At 27 From Brain Tumor
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KFDX News Anchor Shatanya Clarke Dies At 27 From Brain Tumor

Shatanya Clarke (Screenshot) via Instagram

Shatanya Clarke, a treasured news anchor for KFDX, passed away from a brain tumor after being diagnosed two years ago, Fort-Worth Star-Telegram reports

Clarke died in her home on Thursday, April 14. Many described the 27-year-old as having a “bigger-than-life spirit.”

“Shatanya was a bigger-than-life spirit,” said News Director Adam P. Bradshaw to Texoma’s Homepage. “Her wit and personality could brighten anyone’s day. She had a passion for telling stories in a way that really hit home. To say our family and this community will miss her is the understatement of the year.”

Clarke signed on as a reporter for the Wichita Falls station in 2018 and eventually became a news anchor in the last year of her life, said the news station. 

She assisted local charities by leading fundraising efforts by featuring a “Help for the Helpers” segment during her newscast to provide help to community members through the coronavirus pandemic and lent her time to various other volunteer opportunities, according to Star-Telegram.

Clarke documented her health battle with the Myxoid Mesenchymal on her YouTube Channel Shatanya’s Journey.

The Jamaica native endured brain surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments after she began experiencing extreme headaches. Despite her obstacles, she maintained an optimistic outlook and continued to work, according to KFDX, the Star-Telegram reports. 

“I’ve come to accept that my life turned out exactly as it was designed, or destined to be,” Clarke said in her final moments in a YouTube video. “Whether I like it or not, whether I understand the reason or not, I cannot change the things in my past. I can only control my present, and possibly make choices that positively affect my future.”

The vigil for Clarke will occur at 7 p.m. Monday, April 18, in Park Central on Scott Avenue, located in downtown Wichita Falls, the Texoma’s Homepage reports