Krystal Hardy-Allen Buys Her Parents Their Dream Home After Dreaming About It Since 3rd Grade

Krystal Hardy-Allen Buys Her Parents Their Dream Home After Dreaming About It Since 3rd Grade

Krystal Hardy-Allen bought her parents a fully-renovated historic home in Selma, Alabama.

A little over a year ago, a Black Alabama couple’s daughter gave them a special gift that keeps on giving — a gift that she’s been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Krystal Hardy-Allen bought her parents a home in downtown Selma. 

“Back in the 3rd grade I wrote it down in an assignment in class that one of the things I wanted to do when I got big and grew up was buy my parents a home,” she recalled. “For years, I have wanted to bring that to fruition for my parents.”

She finally made it happen in November 2022 by buying a beautiful historic property, making her parents the first-time Black homeowners of the two-story, four-bedroom, and four-bathroom property.

In an interview with WSFA 12, Hardy-Allen described how she worked hard to save up for the home. She said, “I began saving in a separate account in 2017 when I founded to be able to do this (paid in full), worked hard over the years to actualize it, and this moment altogether reminds me of why having a well-rounded definition of success and what’s important in life matters so much.”

She continued to explain what true success was to her. “My success isn’t grounded in the volume of designer items I can accrue, the volume of destinations I visit for vacation, who I’m connected to, what I drive, how much I make, and nothing the world — especially the social media streets — may define as success. For me, it is centered in the extent of lives touched and substantively changed…the IMPACT God allows to flow through me and through,” she told the outlet.

When she bought the home, she hired her father as the head contractor to oversee the renovations. He didn’t know that the house being worked on had already been purchased by Hardy-Allen for him and his wife. 

“When we first started working on the house — we was asking her man, why you buy this big house to start off with for your very first rental property,” her brother Arthur Hardy III said. 

The whole family came together to finish all the renovations around Christmas, and she finally handed her parents the keys to their new home on Christmas Eve.

Hardy-Allen said, “I took them upstairs and told them the real reason why we were all here was not to sell the house but to make sure they had the keys to their new home.” 

Her parents also won’t have to worry about paying a mortgage on the home either. 

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