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Las Vegas Substitute Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Forcing 6th-Grade Students To Kiss While Others Watched

A substitute teacher in the North Las Vegas-area was arrested after allegedly forcing sixth grade students to kiss in front of the class.

Rasheda Rose, a North Las Vegas-area substitute teacher, was arrested on Nov. 1 after students and faculty at the Legacy Traditional School – North Valley alleged that she forced sixth-grade students to kiss one another in front of the class while their peers watched. Witnesses also claim that Rose made inappropriate comments and forced various students to participate in a game of “Never Have I Ever” in which she asked sexually explicit questions, 8 News Now reports.

Rose faces two counts of child abuse and neglect.

The disturbing incidents allegedly took place at the school on Oct. 10 when Rose, through an external agency, was responsible for substituting six classes, each consisting of about 30 students. Police were told the 29-year-old woman requested that the emergency blinds on the classroom door be shut before instructing two students to come to the front of the class and kiss one another. The students told police that they were uncomfortable and did not want to participate, the outlet reports.

“I want it to be where everyone can see,” Rose could be heard saying in a video captured by another student. “Imma [sic] count to five, once at five, I want yaw to share a lil peck.”

The woman allegedly asked students to identify who was “dating” by raising their hands and then gave them kissing as homework to be done before Oct. 12, saying “she would be back to make sure it was completed.”

“We’re not going to say anything,” Rose allegedly warned the class.

“What happens in Mrs. Rose’s [sic] classroom stays in Mrs. Rose’s classroom.”

Rose also held students back from attending their next class, keeping them in order to teach them how to delete messages, hide things from their parents, and create fake social media accounts, 8 News Now reports.

The mother of one of the students forced to participate in the kissing exhibition expressed an intention to remove her daughter from the school as she had been the subject of relentless teasing and bullying since the incident. The mother also alleges that her attempts to discuss the matter with the school’s principal went unanswered.

Police say the story got even more bizarre on Oct. 31 when a lawyer claiming to represent Rose called the North Las Vegas Police Department officer assigned to the case and, after being told there was probable cause to arrest the woman, said they planned to call back with plans to surrender but never did.

On Nov. 1, Rose brought herself to the station and said she did not have a lawyer but wanted one present while speaking to the police. She was taken to the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center and is slated to appear before the court again on Jan. 8, 2024. In the meantime, police are also asking any students who may have been victimized by Rose in the past to reach out, Fox 5 Vegas reports.

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