Startups Can Win $50,000 From VISA

Last Chance: Startups Can Win $50,000 From VISA

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VISA is looking for the best marketing solutions to help consumers achieves their goals using its products and services. VISA is running “The Everywhere Initiative” to discover and partner with three innovative startups that have the idea, resources, and passion to solve three specific marketing challenges: raise awareness and drive digital commerce, inspire millennials to reach their financial goals, and maximize loyalty benefits for rewards members. In partnership with innovation platform and marketplace, KITE, VISA is awarding three selected startups $50,000.

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The final day to apply is April 30th, and all finalists will be notified by May 15th. VISA is not only providing the tools, support, and benchmark for these three startups, but they also want to deepen the relationships with each of them for further collaboration, both with VISA and other major brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Winning startups will have the opportunity to meet and strategize with Visa’s SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation, Shiv Singh as well as other Visa executives, who will serve as mentors. Also, the startups will get the chance to test and scale their product or service with a global brand. If the pilot program is successful, startups will have an opportunity for follow-on revenue through ongoing contracts with VISA.

Today, startups and major brands are collaborating in unique, dynamic, and innovative ways, according to VISA. For most startups, initiating those relationships can be difficult. Once a major brand partners with a tech startup, it can transform the young company instantly, in so many different ways too. From attracting a global audience in a campaign, to helping the startup grow to reach new goals. This problem faces entrepreneurs around the globe, and through “The Everywhere Initiative,” VISA is stepping in to strengthen and amplify the lives of three tech startups.