Lauren London Credits Nipsey Hussle For Sparking Her Eldest Son’s Interest In Finance

Lauren London Credits Nipsey Hussle For Sparking Her Eldest Son’s Interest In Finance

Lauren London is crediting her late ex Nipsey Hussle for helping to spark her eldest son's interest in financial management.

Lauren London is crediting her late ex, Nipsey Hussle, for helping to spark her eldest son’s interest in financial management.

The You People star is a mother of two boys. She welcomed her eldest son, Kameron, with rapper Lil Wayne, and her youngest son, Kross, with Nipsey.

Having two successful rappers serving as father figures has its benefits, especially with a live-in dad like the late Nipsey Hussle. The Los Angeles native was known for his passion for uplifting the Black community and promoting generational wealth.

London recently appeared for a live taping of “Assets Over Liabilities,” where she opened up about her eldest son’s love for money management.

“As far as generational wealth, my son is 14, and it’s just about, like, his education on it. I didn’t have [an] education on it. My mom, you know, struggled. She was a single mom; she had three jobs. So I knew how to hustle, and I knew how to survive,” London shared. “I was thinking with the mentality of survival rather than generational wealth. I didn’t have the mentality of abundance growing up.”

She continued, “I have those conversations with my son about abundance. Like, you can have so much for so many people, not just yourself, but for your kids, and their kids and the community. And so we just have those conversations a lot.”

The teen enjoyed a stock class during the COVID pandemic and has continued to express interest in learning the ins and outs of finance. It’s an area London credits her uncle and late ex with helping to ignite her son’s interest in the field.

“I have an uncle that is very much into, you know, financial wealth in our community. And I also think just — he grew up in the house with Hussle, so Nip was a really big influence on him for sure,” she said.

London admits she doesn’t share the same interest in finance as her son. But at 14 years old, Kameron is helping his mom invest in companies he believes have a higher return on investment.

“I asked him a lot of questions, especially with his stock class. He did [this] stock class program during COVID, and I just thought that was the coolest thing in the world. And he’s like, ‘Mom, you need to invest in Tesla. And I’m like, ‘OK, how do I do that?’” London said.

“I think I’ve had to work on my mindset around money as well and understanding that it’s an energy, too, that we gotta have the mindset that it’s flowing.”

London’s youngest son was recently awarded 50% of Hussle’s estate, which will be split with Hussle’s eldest child, daughter Emani. As a result, London will receive $5 million of Hussle’s estate, valued at $11 million.

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