Learn How To Build Your Own Exciting Games With This Beginner-Friendly Bundle

Learn How To Build Your Own Exciting Games With This Beginner-Friendly Bundle

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Video game development has never been more advanced and popular than it is now. In the past, we were content playing with computer-controlled opponents, but today’s technology allows us to battle and communicate with digital rivals in real-time. Today’s immersive, thrill-inducing games have sparked a new wave of interest in game development, and with the right guidance, anyone can build games of their own at home.

If you’re a gamer wanting to build your own advanced game or a casual game fan wondering what goes into creating digital universes, stories, and challenges, you can dive into the field with the Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle. For our semi-annual sale, it’s available for an extra 60 percent off.

Comprised of 6 courses and 50 hours of premium content, this bundle features practical instruction on Unity and Unreal, the most popular gaming engines today, as well as #C, the language often used in creating games. 

You’ll go through over 200 lessons put together to help you gain mastery over game development and worldbuilding on both engines, incorporate exciting animations into projects, and building solid structure and UI systems that make or break the games. And unlike other instructional online courses, this package will help you learn by doing. You’ll get the chance to get your hands dirty (virtually) and work on mini-projects, all of which you can add to your burgeoning project portfolio should you decide to pursue game development as a side hustle or full-blown profession.

Don’t just play games—learn how to make them and create your dream game. The Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle is on sale for now for $29.99, but you can take an extra 60% off with code ANNUAL60 and snag it for just $12

Prices subject to change.