LeBron James Defends Tom Hanks’ Reaction in Viral Video of Wife Nearly Trampled by Paparazzi
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LeBron James Defends Tom Hanks’ Reaction in Viral Video of Wife Nearly Trampled by Paparazzi

(Image: Twitter)

In a video that has since gone viral, two-time Oscar-winner Tom Hanks is seen defending his wife Rita Wilson after she is nearly knocked down by swarming fans and paparazzi. 

In the 40-second clip, Hanks and his wife are making their way to their car, surrounded by camera flashes and the commotion of people attempting to talk to the actor. 

A few seconds later, someone bumps into Wilson causing her to catch her fall and she immediately can be heard saying, “Guys stop it!”

Hanks then stops the crowd as Wilson makes her way inside the car. 

“My wife? Back the f— off!” the Forrest Gump actor yelled, “Knocking over my wife.” 

Many have defended Hanks’ reaction to the frenzied crowd, including four-time NBA champ LeBron James.

The 37-year-old Lakers star took to Twitter to express his opinion. 

“I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by paparazzi. What the f— ever happened to personal space?” he asked. “Now if Tom would have stole one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably getting sued!”

He continued, “How are they [paparazzi] protected more than he and his wife?” 

While many agreed with the billionaire athlete on Instagram, it was a whole different story on Twitter.

Apart from the plentiful replies that trolled him questioning who the best in the league was, a large number of Twitter users criticized Hollywood’s perception of being trampled and how untouchable celebrities have been made up to be that a simple bumping into garnered such a reaction.

One user said, “This is what you call trampled? Wow FAMOUS person gets flat tire from scrawny teen then Tom Hanks almost rips his head and drinks his blood oooooooo. You’re becoming soft Bron and I don’t like it.”

“It’s sucks and not fair but people want the benefit of being famous/rich but when it come to the negative like this bs they flip quick,” another said.

A third user chimed in, “He is a Hollywood actor. He gets public attention because he is a Hollywood actor. One of the people giving him attention accidentally bumps into his wife. He reacts as if it were intentional not accidental and loses his cool. The internet praises him for acting mean(?)”

Given James‘ celebrity, he experiences being swarmed by cameras all the time, which may have been why the incident struck a chord with the NBA star.