Live Your Life With Passion And Purpose [Tips]
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Motivational Monday: Live Your Life With Passion and Purpose

People often assume everyone who is waiting, wanting or needing to make a major career move is in an unenviable position. You know, slaving away on 12-hour shifts for someone who they’ve never met and is wealthy enough to spend the Average Joe’s salary on a vacation. But those aren’t the only folks suffering.

Many individuals look the part of success– fabulous clothes, three-part title and expense accounts– but live in an emotionally impoverished space. They are not fulfilling their passion or purpose. Or maybe they’re bored and have outgrown their position. Either way, they want more and are too stuck to go get it. There are many things that people note as reasons to remain stuck, such as financial comfort, anxiety around the unknown and mental exhaustion. But if you have enough insight to understand what’s lacking, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Now, we don’t know what’s ahead, but we do know what we don’t like about our current situation…and there’s only one way to change it: you have to move.

If moving forward were as simple as it sounds everyone would be blissfully actualizing his or her unique purpose. But it’s not. It takes devotion, fearlessness and discipline. Luckily, it all starts with one step: Making the decision to change. If you are ready to embrace that choice this week, here are some things that can help you make the room in your life for not just what you have to do, but what you want to do.


1. Reconnect with Your Passion. Are you doing exactly– or at least most of– what you’ve always envisoned? If not, take time to think about what you’ve always dreamed of doing. Write it down. Next, start brainstorming around what that can look like for you today.

2. Create a Space. Many of us are surrounded by physical AND emotional clutter; both prevent us from having the clarity to move forward. Figure out what you need to readjust in your life in order to create a space where thinking is easy.

3. Define a Timeline. Nothing creates accountability like a deadline. Generate action dates for your goals—and honor them.