Celebration of Hip Hop

Public Enemy and Ice-T Set to Headline National Celebration of Hip-Hop in Washington, D.C.

The actual birthday of hip-hop has passed, but the celebration is not over!

According to Billboard, another major celebration occurs in October in the nation’s capital. A free concert featuring many hip-hop artists from over the years will happen in Washington, D.C. For two days, at West Potomac Park on the National Mall on Oct. 6–7, the concert, aptly named The National Celebration of Hip-Hop, will take place.

“We are honored to continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop against the backdrop of America’s capitol with a free event for everyone,” said Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav in a written statement. “I can’t wait to get on stage and do our thing.”

Many of the pioneers in hip-hop will be in attendance for the two-day event. Some of the performers will be Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane, Kurtis Blow, Kid’ n Play, Soulsonic Force, Roxanne Shante, CL Smooth, Melle Mel and Scorpio, The Sugarhill Gang, Peter Gunz, DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell, Mad Skillz, MC Sha-Rock, Busy Bee, Joe Ski Love, Positive K, Boogie Black, Mick Benzo, Gumbo and Donald D.

Although an esteemed list of participants has been listed, more are expected and will be announced in the future. There will also be a host of activities over the weekend, including guest speakers, comedians, and other public figures. There will also be interactive events and exhibits.

Public Enemy lead lyricist Chuck D said, “Hip-hop is beyond, not just a musical genre. It’s a cultural movement that has dominated art, fashion, politics, poetry, academia, film, and every corner of the world for the past 50 years. This National Celebration brings it all together in one place for the people, by the people.”

Anyone interested in going can register now by clicking on the link. There will be a special VIP event on Thursday, Oct. 5, and VIP tickets and travel packages can also be purchased on the site.